© Julien Perron-Gagné
© Julien Perron-Gagné
© Julien Perron-Gagné
© Julien Perron-Gagné

Jean-Talon Market SAQ roof

Montréal, Québec

Located in the heart of Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market, this branch of the SAQ’s roof, consisting of Nordic Lam wood decking, beams and short columns, peaks at 7.3 m above the ground floor slab. The high exposed wood ceiling allows for an abundance of natural light to enter and contributes to the excellent acoustics, enhancing the space for both customers and vendors. Nordic Lam, a renewable natural material, is made from black spruce harvested near Chibougamau. Thus it also contributes to the spirit of the Market where farmers sell their local Quebec produce.


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Carbon Benefit

47 t CO2 equ.