Photo courtesy of Kiesland
Photo courtesy of Kiesland
Photo courtesy of Kiesland
Photo courtesy of Kiesland

Salvagnini Headquarter Exposition Hall and Office Expansion

Hamilton, Ohio

Salvagnini is a global company that specializes in the design, fabrication, sale, and servicing of flexible machines and systems for processing sheet metal. Located in Hamilton, Ohio, their North American headquarter has recently expanded to include a new exposition hall and additional office space. Nordic Lam+ glulam was used for the beams and columns and Nordic X-Lam CLT was used for the walls, floors, and roof of the buildings. Through careful planning, these buildings showcase the architectural and structural use of mass timber. The inclined columns in the east-west direction of the exposition hall simultaneously resist gravity and lateral forces while maintaining a clean visual pattern, and rigid steel frames in the north-south direction allow for an open glass facade. The girders above the exposition hall are tapered to reduce the volume of wood required while achieving a long span.




Professional Design Associates



Carbon Benefit

760 t CO2 equ.


24.3 (80 ft)