©TARMAC / Damien Ligiardi
©TARMAC / Damien Ligiardi
©TARMAC / Damien Ligiardi
©TARMAC / Damien Ligiardi

Haendel Park skating rink roof

Candiac, Québec

The roof of the Haendel Park skating rink is the fourth in a series of five similar structures completed by Nordic Structures. The project concept is a result of Préau, a collaboration driven by the urban planning and development consulting firm BC2 in partnership with contractor Decarel and Nordic Structures. Entirely built from glued-laminated timber, the structure was designed to cover a refrigerated rink compliant with the NHL standard dimensions. This type of structure, including a service building, is twice as affordable as a conventional arena, without considering the substantial decrease in operating costs.

This design presents several advantages. Both for refrigerated and non-refrigerated slabs, covering an exterior rink reduces the maintenance and extends the period of use. By protecting the ice from sunlight, rain, and snow, the structure extends the use of the ice into the warm periods at the beginning and end of the winter season. Furthermore, the design concept is multifunctional. This versatile dome, combined with mobile platforms, could create the ideal place to host a variety of seasonal events.

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Carbon Benefit

379 t CO2 equ.