Forestry Bridges

Solutions built for the industry,
by the industry

A comprehensive, integrated approach

Nordic Structures builds bridges for all vehicle and load types, at very competitive prices and in time frames of just a few weeks. Using light equipment, we can access remote locations and perform seamless installations while avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Foresterie Nordic, which holds CEAF certification, complies with all legal requirements in its area of operations and is extremely committed to protecting our natural environment.


Analysis of site and establishment of an optimal solution

  • Ground survey and bathymetry
  • Site assessment and evaluation of available granular materials
  • Road profile measurement
  • Optimization of waterway right-of-way

Structural design and specifications

  • Structural analysis and modelling
  • Structural design

Manufacturing and delivery

  • Glulam beam manufacturing and caisson assembly
  • Application of protective sealant
  • Delivery to site


  • Site preparation (excavation, abutment installation, etc.)
  • Installation of superstructure and connection to abutments
  • Installation of struts, curbs and deck
  • Completion of bridge approaches

Preparation for use

  • Submission of signage notification

Made-to-measure solutions

Our bridge solutions can be adapted to meet your specific needs. For example, we can accommodate the needs of the mining sector by designing bridges with bigger usable widths that can accommodate larger concentrated loads. We also build recreational bridges for smaller loads, such as on snowmobile paths.

“We were able to take advantage of the down market:
the materials cost less and took less time to deliver.
Between placing the order for a [Nordic Structures] bridge and its installation,
only ten days went by!”
–Matt Manson, CEO of Stornoway Diamond Corporation,
in an interview with