Nordic Sizer

Nordic Sizer is a software program built to design individual structural elements (joists, beams, columns, studs, slabs, and panels) using the full range of Nordic engineered wood products.

Nordic Sizer software application analyzes and designs members for specified loads in accordance with CSA O86 (Canada) or NDS (United-States) standard, and automatically checks load cases and load combinations in accordance with NBC (Canada) or IBC (United-States). Features include floor vibration checks and fire resistance calculations.

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Nordic Sizer - Canada 7.1

Nordic Sizer - USA 7.1

Last updated: May 2018

A keycode is required for using the software.
For a trial version, use “DEMO” as the keycode.


Fill in the form, making sure to cut and paste your Software ID that appears upon opening of Nordic Sizer.


You will receive your keycode by email within the next business day.

If you are having trouble installing the software, please contact the technical support.



iStruct™ is a state-of-the-art enterprise solution for layout, design, and structural analysis that combines layout/drafting, single member design, reporting, and an incredible real time 3D experience. It supports a selection of products, including I-joists, SCL lumber, solid sawn lumber, walls, rimboard, hangers, and more.


isDesign™ is a single member sizing solution that allows users to size floor and roof joists, beams, and posts by inputting span and load information. Innovative tools allow selection of the most cost-effective solution.


isPlan™ is a 3D layout and design solution that allows users to model an entire structure with 2D and 3D views. isPlan™ develops and transfers gravity loads through the entire structure and designs the structural members. Robust import and export of pdf, dxf, and dwg files combined with intuitive modeling and design tools ensure efficient and cost-effective designs.


isOptimize™ is a material optimization and cutting module that allows users to import material lists from their model and perform cutting optimization against their inventory to minimize waste. Final cut lists can be printed or exported for use by automated saws or imported into point of sale systems.

Nordic Inventory Management

Nordic Inventory Management software is a full-featured inventory management and cut optimization program that enables users to keep track of their inventory and increase productivity and profitability by reducing waste material.

Characteristics and Features:

  • Inventory management
  • Customized inventory
  • Cut optimization with user preferences
  • Order process management
  • Multi‐user interface
  • Import of material lists from CSBuild, CSD, and Sapphire
  • Reports for inventory, purchase orders, job
  • processing, cutting lists, etc.